Women vs. women competition at all ages

In class we often learn about how disadvantaged women are, the glass ceilings they have to face, the physical pressures, and society’s stereotype. And despite all these growing challenges, women are now competing against their fellow women.

Feminist Fay Weldon brings to light that women today and of this generation are now more concerned about looks beyond freedom, female rights, or even men. She says that, “Women have ended up in competition with each other. It’s a kind of self-obsession” (Cooper).

This perception seems to grow as women age; the pressures of being young, especially in the workplace, build up and the blame starts being placed on other women. Unfortunately, most of this competition comes from this holding onto youth, and seeing failure when comparing to other women.

Huffington Post says, “The truth is, competition at the workplace and elsewhere does exist among women…but as we age, we all have to struggle to let youth go. As we do, we’re all in it together.”

So while women should be teaming up together to help each other through the aging process, women just need to come to terms about their own aging process.

Even more starkly, feminist Fay Weldon says, “It doesn’t matter how you express this self-obsession and denying of age – it’s only temporary. They’ll both be 50 before they know it.”

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Beauty advice vs. Hollywood

There are two teams in Hollywood, women who are considered “ageless” as Felicia O’Garro notes in Starpulse, and women who simply “age well” or are accepting of their aging process.

Who are the winners?

There is a huge praise of women are able to seem ageless while there is now a growing crowd that are lauding the women who are accepting their age and are aging well.

Starpulse says it best:

Mark Twain has a famous quote: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Easy for Mark to say, but in Hollywood this statement means nothing to celebrities who are constantly being judged on how they look.”

There are contests and articles like People’s Search for “Real Beauty” at every age.

BSC Kids call it, “They are aiming to celebrate real women in the issue for the first time ever.” For the first time though?

So what is beauty? Women of the media don’t make it easy to define and figure out what it is. And most generally, these featured women are not ethnic and are not diverse.

In the end though, Huffington Post‘s autumn Whitefield-Madrano expends knowledge on what she’s learned about beauty as she has aged, and she has the right mentality even though it doesn’t overall capture knowledge and advice.

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